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2018: Record High Number Of STD Infections In U.S., As Prevention Funding Declines

From NPR News: For the fourth year in a row, federal health officials report that there has been a sharp […]

How Telehealth Platforms Will Reshape U.S. Healthcare Delivery

Telehealth in the United States is entering a new phase of accelerating growth. Indicators of this next phase include: FDA approval of remote diagnostic tools;

STD Infections Rise To New Highs After States Close Health Clinics

The number of people infected with three major sexually transmitted diseases is at an all-time high, according to a CDC report released Wednesday.

Case Studies


Lisa, A 20 year old female patient presents with 2 sexual partners in the past 8 months with which she has had unprotected sex. She has never had a pap exam. She presents to review STD screening with the KnowNOW doctor. She describes normal menstruation yet has been spotting between periods. She denies any vaginal discharge, pain during sex or any genital sores.


Jeremy presented to the KnowNOW website with a sore on his penis for one week. Stan has had three sexual partners in the past year. He states not using condoms with his last partner 3 weeks ago. He had penile-rectal sex. Jeremy had an HIV test two months ago that was negative.


Tamara presents with three days of a painful rash on her left lower lip. The rash is on the border of her lip and extends to her chin. She has taken valcyclovir medication before with improvement. She currently has no insurance coverage. Tamara has used over the counter Abreva cream to no improvement.

KnowNow News

KnowNOW and The Latino Commission on AIDS Establish Strategic Partnership

New York, NY, September 19, 2018 – KnowNow and the Latino Commission on AIDS announced today in New York City their […]


The AIDS WALK NYC 2018 KnowNOW Team took off to a great start. Our KnowNOW team came together in Central Park on a warm yet wet Sunday morning with thousands of people coming out to support a wonderful cause. This was the 33rd NYC AIDS Walk, every year since 1986 by Gay Men's Health Crisis, also known as GMHC.

KnowNOW Health Meets with CUNY Students in Brooklyn

In January 2018 the KnowNOW team met with seven smart outgoing, forward thinking City University of New York (CUNY) students […]

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