Tamara presents with three days of a painful rash on her left lower lip. The rash is on the border of her lip and extends to her chin. She has taken valcyclovir medication before with improvement. She currently has no insurance coverage. Tamara has used over the counter Abreva cream to no improvement.

Tamara shows the KnowNOW doctor via video-conference the lip rash and the doctor agrees that the rash looks like a herpes rash. The KnowNOW doctor knows Tamara has current medical insurance coverage. Tamara is started on Acyclovir 400mg five times a day for five days and suggested to follow-up with team if not improving. Her medications are sent to the local pharmacy via e-prescription.

Rarely do any creams work for oral or genital herpes even though many are sold as over-the-counter remedies. The best treatment is an anti-viral tablet that is taken orally like acyclovir or valacyclovir. The difference in cost can be between $100+ (valacyclovir, Valtrex) and $15 (acyclovir) , This may be worth it even though the acyclovir tablets have to be taken more often.