Lisa, A 20 year old female patient presents with 2 sexual partners in the past 8 months with which she has had unprotected sex. She has never had a pap exam. She presents to review STD screening with the KnowNOW doctor. She describes normal menstruation yet has been spotting between periods. She denies any vaginal discharge, pain during sex or any genital sores.


Jeremy presented to the KnowNOW website with a sore on his penis for one week. Stan has had three sexual partners in the past year. He states not using condoms with his last partner 3 weeks ago. He had penile-rectal sex. Jeremy had an HIV test two months ago that was negative.


Tamara presents with three days of a painful rash on her left lower lip. The rash is on the border of her lip and extends to her chin. She has taken valcyclovir medication before with improvement. She currently has no insurance coverage. Tamara has used over the counter Abreva cream to no improvement.


PRE-EXPOSURE PROPHYLAXIS (PrEP) Preventing HIV Mario presents for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) treatment. He has had over 6 partners in the last 9 months and many of them he states he has had sex without a condom. All his partners are males. He states both oral and rectal sex. Mario would like to know more about PrEP as he has heard about this medication from friends. Mario’s last sexual partner was four weeks ago. He states getting HIV tested 4 months ago and was negative.