In January 2018 the KnowNOW team met with seven smart outgoing, forward thinking City University of New York (CUNY) students in Brooklyn. The students were able to provide enlightening approaches to offering STD/STI testing to young people.

The KnowNOW team learned how important it was to young people to have different payment options such as PayPal or payment installations. Which is why KnowNOW is offering payment installations option to everyone, three easy payments for the same service. Our CUNY students also had concerns about speaking with a doctor before or after their visit. This concern was addressed by implementing Klara a confidential and secure website where anyone can ask questions and receive a reply from a KnowNow team member or doctor directly. 

The KnowNOW team was so grateful to meet with these seven amazing CUNY students and looks forward to receiving their input in the future.

-Natasha Russell, KnowNOW